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Straight from the Source

When Anne Meade brings her Animal Teachers you can be assured of an event that is both delightful and educational. The ease with which Anne handles her animals makes even the youngest child feel comfortable and unafraid. Her young audiences are so enthralled they don't even realize how much they are learning about animal behavior. 

-Rose Martin, Director, Cobblestone School

We loved having Anne Meade (Animal Educator) and the Animal Teachers at the 2019 Celtic Faire! ​

-Rochester Riverside Hotel

Anne has been doing this for a long time. It is a good companion program for our organization. We believe that a person will not protect what they do not love. They will not love what they do not know. So Anne and my group are get more and more people to "know" the animal kingdom and hope that will lead to more wildlife defenders.

-Karin Fires, Director, Wildlife Educators Coalitionl​

Anne came to a birthday party for my 5 and 3 year old boys and the kids loved her. She had such a wide variety of animals and was very informative. She kept the kids entertained for a long time and as a bonus everyone got to hold and animal. I would highly recommend her for any birthday party or event!

-Kirsti B.

Warmest thanks for a wonderful, educational morning at our winter camp out at Camp Cutler. As a planner, I was so thrilled to hear excited feedback all day from our cubs and parents alike.

Jodi B. Pack 105 Cub Scouts

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