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We come to you!

Whether your event is in your home, park, school, or senior care facility - we would love to be invited to your celebration!

Making Tracks
Audience: Kids ages 4 and up

I bring a swimming pool with a bit of damp sand in the bottom and have the animals walk through the sand so that they leave footprints before the kids come in. Depending on the group, I read a story about tracks first, then we look at the tracks in the sand to see if the kids can figure out who is coming to visit. Then we meet the animals who made the tracks: several turtles an iguana, a hedgehog, a guinea pig, a chinchilla, and a bearded dragon lizard.
Tails, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose
Audience: Kids ages 4 and under


I read a story called Tails, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose to the kids, and then put the animals one by one into the swimming pool with a little sand at the bottom so the kids can watch the animals move around. We will be able to watch the animals in the pool, and at smaller gatherings, such as birthday parties, I will bring some of the animals around for children to meet and gently touch to see what the animals feel like.


Animal Meet and Greet

Audience: Senior Citizens

The animals gather in the swimming pool and we watch their antics as they interact, eat, run around, and crawl over and under each other. I talk about the animals, tell stories about them, and answer questions that people have. After we've watched the critters for a while, I will bring most of them around one by one so that people can have the opportunity to see them up close and see what they feel like.

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